GREYCORTEX is a producer of solution dedicated to network monitoring and detection, based on its work, any anomalies and incidents occurring in IT environments. The company was founded in 2016 and has quickly become one of the leading providers of this type of solutions, as noted by Gartner in their latest report "Representative Vendor in the 2020 Market Guide for Network Detection and Response", focusing on NBA (Network Behavior Analysis) solutions. GREYCORTEX is characterized by innovation, it uses latest technology in the form of advanced AI / ML engines and behavioral models to build its products.


Description of technology


GREYCORTEX Mendel - is a network security monitoring solution which combines advanced Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) techniques with unique network visibility to visualize network communication, detect risks and threats, and respond quickly and effectively to threats from misconfigurations, performance problems, or policy violations as well as new advanced threats and hacker activities that are able to bypass existing security tools. In traffic monitoring process Mendel uses numerous advanced techniques such as event correlation allowing predictive protection, network flow analysis and detailed packet inspection allowing detection of threats such as malware or ransomware from network flows perspective. System is managed from the level of a friendly graphical interface, where the user is given analytical and reporting modules, allowing an in-depth performance analysis or post-intrusion analysis as part of the Threat Hunting process. What's more Mendel offers a high level of scalability, which, combined with a wide range of functionalities of this solution, allows to address any environment - from small business to the most extensive Enterprise class environments.

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