Illumio has been delivering workload protection that prevents the spread of breaches and reduces the attack surface since 2013. Illumio's Host-Based Segmentation and its deployment simplicity were highlighted by Forrester, which named Illumio the leader in the Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers report. Enterprises such as Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Salesforce, and Oracle NetSuite use Illumio to reduce cyber risk and achieve regulatory compliance.


Description of technology

Network Security Policy Management

Illumio CloudSecure - solution for micro-segmentation in public clouds. It protects cloud assets like IaaS, containers, serverless, or PaaS. Provides visibility inside cloud environments using cloud provider's native tools without agents. Coupled with Illumio Core, CloudSecure delivers a consolidated view of traffic among all your clouds and data centers, with the ability to build and enforce comprehensive, unified security policies spanning diverse computing infrastructures.

Illumio Core - provides an easy way to deploy micro-segmentation and network traffic monitoring for any server in any location from on-premises DataCenter to the public cloud. Self-explanatory and effective setup using labels assigned to protected workloads (does not require IP addresses knowledge) and "allow list" ruleset type drastically reduce the attack surfaces. Central management (Policy Compute Engine) is tracking changes in the environment and automatically updating the ruleset. After the deployment, PCE builds a map of compute, applications, and connectivity which makes it very easy and fast to create a ruleset and apply micro-segmentation at scale on bare metal servers, virtual machines, and containers. Illumio Core aggregates all workload's traffic flows logs (even the east-west communication between workloads in the same subnet) and correlates them with the current configuration to show rules that need to be modified. Integration with Vulnerability Scanners shows on the Vulnerability Map a real environment- and communication-dependent exposure of protected resources.

Illumio Edge - effortless and effective Zero Trust deployment for Windows endpoints. Host-level protection makes protected assets less vulnerable and prevents malware from spreading regardless of location. Illumio Edge complements security features available in Endpoint Security or EDR solutions.

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